Best things to do in Meridian Idaho

A list of things to do, places to visit and attractions in the city; What to do during your stay.

The city of Meridian is one of the main cities that make up Ada county, which was named after the river that runs through it. Its estimated population makes up over half the total population of the county at over 100,000 people. Meridian was founded in the 1880s and has grown to be a popular place for those looking out of city life or working on one of the many farms or ranches surrounding the city.

Meridian is also home to over 25,000 students attending schools: elementary, middle and high school, and colleges and universities. The University of Idaho is one of the most famous colleges in this area. However, many others, including Boise State University, Northwest Nazarene College and New Saint Andrews College.

Meridian has two sister cities named for their history with Meridian: Södertälje, Sweden, founded by Meridian residents who had emigrated to Sweden. The other sister city is Tula, Russia that Russian immigrants to the US originally founded.

Meridian is located along I-84, which runs between Oregon and Utah with easy access to Boise, Snake River Valley and Sun Valley. It’s an hour drive from either of these places, making it a great place to stay if you plan to visit any of these places during your trip.

The city boasts beautiful parks and gardens that are ideal for walking or jogging. The Meridian Family Fun attraction is also located here, including an arcade, bowling alley and movie theatre.

There are several places to eat in Meridian, depending on what type of food you are looking for. If you are craving good old American junk food, there’s always McDonald’s or Burger King, but if you are feeling a bit healthier, they have plenty of fast food places, including Taco Bell, Subway and Pizza Hut.

They also have Chick-fil-A, Little Ceasars Pizza, Burger King, Wendy’s, Denny’s and an IHOP.

As for places to stay, there are plenty of hotels to choose from, including the Sleep Inn Meridian, which has over 60 rooms, all with free high-speed internet access. For more information, visit this website:

There are plenty of things to do in Meridian; whether you love the great outdoors or prefer spending time indoors, there’s something for everyone. You can visit one of the many attractions or parks which offer hiking trails, beaches, camping areas and picnic benches. There are also lots of little shops where you can find some unique souvenirs of your trip.

If you are looking for local attractions or things to do near Meridian, here’s a list that includes places to visit and activities:

Snake River Canyon/White Water Rafting

You’ll find this popular attraction just 17 miles west of the city, which is perfect if you’re visiting during summer. It’s a great place to go if you love hiking, water sports or fishing. The river boasts some of the best white water rafting in the Northwest, attracting rafters all year round.

The canyon itself is beautiful and can be hiked during spring, summer or fall when milder weather.

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