The Amazing Advantages of German Shepherd Protection Dogs

e83df34434dfb325158c987e75b6a70cWhen it comes to security, lots of people overlook the benefits of having protection dogs. These dogs are able to guard an area and quickly alert others if there is an intruder. Furthermore, they are able to protect themselves and attack intruders if necessary. Hence, in the world of security, there is one dog breed that is seen as perfect for security purposes. This is the German Shepherd. With this in mind, this article will focus on the amazing advantages of having this type of dog as a protection dog. Click for gsd puppies for sale. Check their twitter page by clicking here.

One of the best things about German Shepherds is the fact that they are quite large in stature, while very agile at the same time. A problem that many larger dogs face is that they are unable to move quickly. This is not the case with German Shepherds. They have the perfect proportion to be large enough to be intimidating and stronger, but also fast and agile to chase after an intruder or run away from danger.

The great thing about German Shepherds is the fact that they are very loyal, and thus, will serve as great protection dogs. They will be able to follow all of the commands of humans and thus will not betray their trust. This means that they can be completely trusted to guard after a specific area or person. There have been many times where German Shepherd protection dogs have played a key role in the interception of an intruder in a wide number of different places around the world.

Another benefit that comes with German Shepherds is the fact that they are very cost effective as guard dogs in the long run. When hiring a human protection guard, it will often cost a large amount of money as they are on an hourly based wage. On the other hand, once a German Shepherd is bought as the puppy and trained for a year or two, they will be an effective protection dog for their entire life.

This means that the initial investment of getting German Shepherd puppies and training them to become guard dogs is quite significant. However, the return on investment is huge as these dogs will become great protection dogs for their entire life, which can be over 12 years. Thus, these dogs are a great choice as an addition to any effective security operation or business.

In regards to having a German Shepherd as a protection dog in a regular household, this is also a very viable option. Many families like to have a family dog that also serves as a companion, but also a protector of the property. With a little bit of training, a dog such as this will most certainly be able to be an affectionate family dog as well as a strong and fierce protector of private property.

German Shepherds are most certainly the best dog breed for security purposes. Their loyalty, as well as their strong build and agility, make them unmatched in terms of viability as the protection dog.