Learning the Bow and Arrow Submission

In the BJJ world, some submissions become very popular and they become popular for different reasons. The bow and arrow submission has become very popular of late. Many people are requesting that we make a video so that they can learn this submission. Don’t worry we have already created that a video for. We know that many of you want to learn this technique and you want to try it immediately. Luckily, our video is ready to be purchased and you will learn the ends and outs of doing this submission.

It is one of those submissions that looks really cool and that is why so many people want to learn it. Not only does this submission look cool but it is also very useful. It is one of those things that if you learn it can get you out of a jam rather quickly. So it is an all show but it also has a lot to go and utility to it. So it is definitely something that you should learn how to do because it is a very useful submission to have in your repertoire of techniques. So check out our video learn how to do it today.

In our video this technique, the bow and arrow we go step-by-step very slowly to show you how to do this technique. The first part of the video we quickly go through how it is done but then we break it down so you can easily understand how to do it, how to set it up, how to psych out an opponent so that you can pull this on them and also teach you how to defend against it. You don’t just want to learn how to do it you want to learn how to stop it. Here’s a trick if you learn how to stop it you also learn how to overcome the natural defenses against the submission so that you can pull it off more people. So give our video a try we are certain that you’ll be pulling the submission of your friends and BJJ classmates in short order. You will become unstoppable with this move and they will all wonder how that you learn how to do it. It is up to you to tell them how you did or not. It could just be your little secret.

So we teach more than just this submission would teach a lot of different BJJ techniques on a website and through our instructional videos. We suggest that you check them all out because they will turn you to the complete ground fighter. They will give you a leg up on your competition so that you can become unstoppable. We can give you the fundamentals and advanced techniques that make you a very difficult opponent for anyone at your level. These skills will also help you level up rather quickly so that you can get to a higher belt so that you can beat more advanced BJJ players and so that you can have more fun.