Backlinks Explained – A Basic Overview

If you’re hoping to make your internet start making waves and generate some major success, you’re going to need to get serious about your search engine optimization. One of the major tenants of SEO still comes in the form of backlinks. Specifically, you need to make sure you have some high “do-follow” backlinks coming in. Essentially, if a high ranking website with great SEO has linked to your site, Google will be able to follow that and trickle down many of the same SEO benefits to your site as well. This does wonder for legitimizing your site in the eyes of the powerful search engine algorithm.

As it turns out, there’s a level of trustworthiness that is assigned to every website at a given time. Sites that are seen as unparalleled matches to their corresponding keywords and inevitable search terms are seen as sites with authority, meaning they’re the best possible match for what people are looking for. If a site has already been deemed trustworthy, it passes a bit of that along to any other site it happens links to. So, if a page on your site ended up as a source on a high ranking site like Wikipedia, the strength of your overall corporate SEO would get a natural boost.

The basic premise of this couldn’t possibly be simpler. It’s very much like a personal relationship in real life. Sometimes getting somewhere is all about who you know. When it comes to having a fully optimized site, the quality of the other sites that are familiar with yours can make all the difference!

There are several ways to go about building some great do-follow backlinks, but one of the most popular is in leaving comments that pertain to your own site’s keyword, complete with a link to your profile. The only catch is that you have to engage in the material you’re commenting on truly. If you spam your link at random, you’ll only do more harm than good!