What You Need to Know About The Gun Laws In Massachusetts

Every state has different laws pertaining to firearms. From what you can purchase, if you need a license, and how guns can be transported, the states define each law thoroughly to ensure that it’s easy to understand exactly what the law requires of gun owners. Mass area has many laws in place to ensure the safety of the public.

The first part of gun laws in Massachusetts is about the possession of firearms. If you are going to be hunting and you’re 15 or over, you will be required to have a Firearms Identification Card or FID. This card is needed when you will have low capacity shotguns or rifles in your possession. If you’re going to have large capacity shotguns or rifles and handguns, you will be required to have a License To Carry or LTC. This license can be obtained by applying for one at your local police department. If you live out of state but want to hunt in Massachusetts, you will need a non-resident hunting license, but you won’t need an LTC or FID. Purchasing ammunition in Massachusetts is not allowed if you do not live in the state.

When you will be traveling with a firearm, there are specific rules on how the guns should be stored inside of the vehicle. Muzzleloaders, shotguns, and rifles are not allowed to be carried in a vehicle on the public roadway if you are not engaged in legal hunting. If you are hunting, your muzzleloaders, rifles, or shotguns will need to be unloaded and inside of an enclosed case. If you have large capacity firearms, they will need to be unloaded and stored in a secure container, locked case, or locked trunk. If you will not be in direct control of your weapon, it is to be in a container that is locked or equipped with a mechanical lock that is tamper-resistant. This does not apply to muzzleloaders.

When rules are not followed, you may face penalties for failure to obey the law. If any of the basic gun laws are not followed, you can have your license revoked for one year. You may also face other penalties, such as fines that can be as much as one thousand dollars, restitutions, and/or a year in jail. If you are careless or negligent in your use of your firearms, you may lose your license for five years, have fines that do not exceed 500 dollars, and/or face up to six months of jail time.

While there are many different gun laws in Massachusetts, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with them if you plan to be around firearms in the state. Knowing all of the laws will allow you to understand what you should avoid doing or ensure that you’re following all of the laws determined by the state. The laws are put in place to make sure that everyone remains safe with their guns and during their use of the guns.