Simple Tips For Visual Story Telling

visual story telling is a marketing trend that has gained momentum over the last few years.  One of the reasons for this is that 100 million people watch at least one video per day.  Humans are also able to process visual elements much faster than written elements.  If you are looking to use visual marketing for your business there are some tips available to help you make the most of this.

Showing Not Telling

A lot of people new to this marketing make the mistake of relying too heavily on words.  With visual marketing, you should try and rely on images instead of words as much as possible.  If you are creating a video make sure that the images do the talking instead of you.  Show people the benefits of what you do instead of simply telling them.

Make Use Of Context

In terms of visual context is what people viewing the visuals assume.  If you see someone walking to a desk and sitting down you assume that the desk is theirs.  Using context is a great way of eliminating the use of words and increasing the link that people make to your story.

When using context it is best that you keep this to people.  If you were to show a lamp it is hard for viewers to place the context as humans relate better to humans than lamps.  If you are using this story telling for a business, talk about the people in the company using context instead of simply talking about the product.

Be Honest And Personal

Once a viewer has connected with the people in the story it is important to share something more with them.  If you are using visual storytelling for a business share something personal, but make sure that this is true.  True stories are much more powerful than false ones and make your viewer trust you more.  Being personal allows viewers to connect to you on a deeper level as the story is something that could happen to them.

Show Some Conflict

Storytelling in any format is driven by conflict.  Conflict in stories is usually when someone needs or wants something and they have to fight for it.  This is easy for viewers to connect with as most people have had to fight for something at some point.

When working with conflict you might want to consider using contrasting colors to help build context.  If you have a brand that uses a specific color, try adding the opposing color for conflict.  To help choose colors you can look at what different colors mean.

Always Focus

A lot of visual story tellers get lost in the detail and this is a bad idea.  Getting lost in the details is the same as someone rambling on during a speech and only leads to bored viewers.  To keep your story focused plan the structure of your visuals beforehand.

There are many people turning to visual story telling to enhance their business marketing.  If you are one of these people you should consider some tips to help you reach your audience.  You should always use visuals more than words, keep focused and be honest.