Your Rights During the Process of Being Arrested

When in the course of being arrested, there are certain rights that an individual is meant to have. There’s a proper protocol that any arresting officer must follow, and all of the rights should be made apparent to you in full, explicit detail. It’s important to know these rights on your accord, however, just in case you ever find yourself being wrongfully taken in or unfairly mistreated by an officer. It’s important to understand exactly what the law has determined you have a right to to make sure you receive it.

First of all, you have the right to stay completely silent in the face of any line of questioning. You will likely be asked some questions, but there’s no law in place that demands you must answer. It’s also important to understand that anything you do say has the likelihood of being used against you in court at a later date. As such, it’s best to keep your calm and refrain from speaking so as not to upset the matter further.

You have the right to seek the counsel of an attorney before you do finally make any statements to the police. You’re also allowed to have them present whenever you’re questioned. It’s best not to answer anything on your own to make sure all of your rights are protected. Otherwise, you may receive unjust treatment or be subjected to tactics that allow you to talk yourself into even more trouble. An attorney can be provided for you if you’re unable to afford one.

You and any vehicle you’re in will be searched if you’re arrested. Anything you have on you can be taken into possession of the police. They will ask you to sign an inventory, but you should only sign it if you agree that its contents are accurate. you can always ask for help from bail bonds New Jersey.