Why You Should Visit Meridian Mill

As its name suggests, Meridian Mill is a mill, and it’s also in Birmingham. It was built in 1865 by Joseph Chamberlain, and the mill had two storeys with space for 800 workers. It originally housed a cotter pin factory that used metal pins to hold together wooden machine components. Although the factory has changed hands over the years, it has always been used, and some small businesses now occupy the mill.

Meridian Mill has a high level of public interest due to its previous incarnation. The mill is open to the public, and people are welcome to walk around the building, which is now home to artists’ studios, food producers, designers and many other businesses. There are co-working spaces available in Meridian Mill, so you can rent office space if you’re looking for somewhere new to base your business.

Meridian Mill is part of the Digbeth area, which has a diverse nature and is an interesting place to visit. Digbeth has markets on most days of the week, but Saturdays are the market day when you’ll find bric-a-brac stalls, vintage goods, international food shops and many more surprises.

Some of the things you can do here are:

Visit the markets, where you’ll find vintage goods, international food shops and bric-a-brac stalls, to name a few. Visit some of the over 100 artists’ studios located in the building; everything from jewellery makers to woodworkers and photographers. Work from a co-working space; there are several studios you can rent temporarily as a freelancer if you don’t want to work from home. Get some great foodie photos by walking around Digbeth’s many different markets or have dinner at one of the many restaurants in the area.

Meridian Mall is a great place to visit in Birmingham and has a lot going on in the area, from markets to artists’ studios. There’s plenty for you to do here when you’re looking for something new to try.

Meridian Mill is home to many small businesses, art galleries and coffee shops. There are also two restaurants: Fazeley Studios Kitchen, which serves modern British cuisine and the Oriental Wok that offers a mix of oriental dishes. The mill isn’t just for food and drink, though; there is also a gallery called ‘Lumen’ filled with contemporary art and a hairdressing salon called ‘Steve O’Sullivan’.

Meridian Mill, Deritend, Birmingham B12 0LD. Tel: 0121 766 7200

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8 am – 6 pm, Saturday 10.30am – 5 pm, Sunday Closed. www.meridianmillbham.com