A place to Visit In Meridian, Idaho.

Many people are unaware of the great selection of attractions available in Meridian, Idaho. Located approximately 15 miles west of downtown Boise, it is home to many company headquarters, including Micron Technology and the Simplot Corporation (potato chips).

It is also home to many other attractions that make it a great place to visit. Some of these include:

Meridian Mill By Moonlight. Take a walk on the wild side at this annual event every September and allows participants to explore the refurbished, historic Meridian lumber mill as it is filled with creepy creatures like zombies and aliens amidst flashing neon lights.

Hidden Farms Tour. If you want to discover where those fresh strawberries or veggies come from, sign up for this May event. You’ll tour the secret farms where farmers bring their produce to sell straight from their fields and ditches.

All Veterans Memorial Park. This park is a great way to honour those brave soldiers who have fought for our country. It includes a beautiful garden, water features, and various statues depicting a soldier’s life throughout different eras.

These are just a few of the many interesting attractions available in Meridian, Idaho, that make it worth a visit.

History of Meridian Idaho.

Before the first settlement of Boise, a trading post called “Rosenberg’s Brandon House” was located on a stream that ran through what is now known as Meridian. In 1863, settlers from nearby Star moved their claims to the present city locations. After Boise co-founder Jake Ricks surveyed the land and plotted out town sites on both the river and ridge lands, early settler Sam Carter moved his home from near present-day Boise City to Meridian in 1864.

The original town was first known as “Rosenberg’s Mud Hole”, then “Meridian”, specifically chosen because it lies west of the site where Nevada’s capital, Carson City, is located. However, because of local politics with the Boise Basin’s creation, Meridian became part of Boise City or dissolved. The present-day boundaries were laid out in 1891 when a new railroad line became known as southern Meridian.

The city was incorporated on January 15, 1898, approximately ten years after being settled. A major contributor to the incorporation was the railroad, which still runs through Meridian today.