How To Check Your Air Conditioner Properly

Whether you have a central air conditioning system or one in each room, your AC unit can be responsible for any number of problems. You should inspect it regularly to spot what’s wrong before the problem becomes more serious.

Start by visually inspecting your AC unit from top to bottom for any obvious problems, such as:

  • Missing parts or components that should be there
  • Damaged or missing insulation
  • Dents or dings on the unit
  • Holes in any of your AC lines, particularly those containing refrigerant

Once you have looked over the obvious problems, take a closer look at the exterior of your AC for any leaks. You can find them by checking all joints and connections on the outside of the unit. If you spot a leak, this might be what’s causing your AC to stop working.

Now it’s time to take a peek inside your AC and see if any problems don’t require repair or replacement. 


Always Hire An AC Repair Expert Instead Of Fixing It Yourself

If there is an issue with your AC, it is best to call a professional instead of trying to repair the unit yourself. Not only are you likely to do more damage than good by attempting to fix the AC on your own but, professionals have the knowledge and equipment that may not be present in someone’s home or garage.

When calling a professional, you can expect them to quickly come out and fix the AC. Compared to someone trying to repair an AC on their own, a professional has the experience and equipment that will allow them to make needed repairs faster.